The new Vernet service will be in use from 3.6.2019

VerNet is Veritas Pensions Insurance’s online service for entrepreneurs and employers for managing their pension insurances.

From the beginning of June, the address takes you to the login page of the new VerNet. The old VerNet will no longer be in use after 2.6.2019.

Due to the update, VerNet will be temporarily unavailable on Monday 3 June from 7 a.m. onwards. The interruption will last for about three hours.

Changes in login

  • To log in to the new VerNet, use your personal bank codes, the mobile certificate or the certificate card. 
  • The username and password of the old VerNet are no longer applicable. 
  • The reason for this change is that the service used in the old VerNet ends. 
  • From now on, Veritas will identify its customers only by the same identification systems that are in use for the Incomes Register.

Once you are logged in to the Incomes Register, you can access VerNet without having to pass a second identification. Correspondingly, when you have logged in to VerNet to manage your pension insurance, a new identification is not required when you continue to the Incomes Register.

Foreign VerNet users

The identification that is in use in the new VerNet does not make it possible for foreign users (i.e. persons who do not have a Finnish social security number) to log in. The function that allows foreign users to log in will be added to the identification at the end of year 2019. As Veritas is not an authority, unlike the Incomes Register, we cannot offer our customers the possibility of using Katso-ID for login during the transition period.

If you do not have a Finnish social security number and therefore cannot use your personal bank codes or a mobile certificate or certificate card, your personal insurance adviser will assist you.

Changes in functionality

  • Employer:
    • From the beginning of 2019, you have to report the paid wages into the national Incomes Register. You can check your incomes information and payments in the new VerNet. It is possible to pay the invoice right away.
    • In case you still need to report or update employment data for 2018, you must do it in the old VerNet by latest on 2 June 2019.
    • If you use the service to report paid wages, you can check notifications and pay invoices in VerNet. Please note that it takes three days to transmit the information to VerNet.
  • As an entrepreneur, you have all the familiar functionalities but in a handier form in use in the renewed VerNet.
  • You can send secure messages to your insurance adviser.
  • The pages of our Well-being at work services have been renewed completely. This makes it easier for you to find the information you are looking for. In the upcoming months, we will further develop and increase the contents of these pages.

Welcome to use the new VerNet service!