Values and strategy

Our mission and central task is to secure your pension.

In order to carry out this task, we need to invest the pension assets entrusted to us in a profitable and safe manner, to ensure the sufficiency of the pension security of our customers, to promote work wellness and to contribute to the development of the field.

Our aim is to provide small and middle-sized companies and self-employed persons with the best service in the field.

Operations guided by values

Our values form the foundation of our customer services, internal and external co-operation and our decision-making processes.Our values guide us as we endeavour to achieve our goals.

Our values include:

  1. Strong customer-oriented approach
  2. Inspiring collaboration
  3. Solution-oriented focus 

Responsible business principles

Our operations are guided by our values - a strong customer-oriented approach, inspiring collaboration and a solution-oriented focus - as well as by the codes of conduct presented in this document. Each employee at Veritas must comply with these principles in his or her work.

The Veritas code of conduct is complemented and made concrete by the internal instructions and definitions of policy.