Insider Management and Market Sounding

Veritas follows Insider Guidelines confirmed by the Board of Directors. The purpose of the guidelines is to promote the public reliability of the company's investment operations and the personnel's knowledge of insider regulations, so that they are not unintentionally violated.

The guidelines are applied to Veritas’s investment operations and certain employees’ personal trading in securities.

Veritas maintain public register pursuant to the 12 i § of the Act on Employment Pension Insurance Companies of the ownership of securities of the following persons:

  • a member and alternate member of the Board of Directors, the Managing Director and alternate Managing Director of the employment pension insurance company as well as an auditor, an alternate auditor and an employee of an auditing firm with main responsibility for the audit of the company;
  • other individual in the employ of the employment pension insurance company, who is in a position to influence decision-making concerning the investment of the company’s funds or who otherwise regularly gains access to inside information pertaining to such shares or financial instruments. These persons are considered as permanent insiders in Veritas. Persons are considered as permanent insiders based either on their position or duties.

The register contains information about holdings in shares admitted to trading on a regulated market or on a multilateral trading facility in Finland, and in such financial instruments the value of which is determined on the basis of said shares.

The data in the public insider register can be accessed through Euroclear Finland.

Market sounding

At Veritas, only CEO Carl Pettersson, Chief Investment Officer Kari Vatanen (all other investments than shares listed in Finland) and Equity Portfolio Manager Kim Fors (shares listed in Finland) are entitled to act as persons receiving market sounding defined at the Article 11 of the Regulation no 596/2014 of the European Parliament and of the Council on Market Abuse (Market Abuse Regulation).

Market sounding shall be done by email (first name.last unless the person at Veritas who has the right to receive market sounding does not give a specific permission to receive market sounding through other method.