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  •  Entrepreneur

    You are obliged to take out YEL insurance if you are an entrepreneur in Finland aged between 18 and 67, and your annual contribution to the company equates to a minimum of 7,958.99 euro. When taking out your first YEL insurance, you receive a 22% discount for four years.

    Take out YEL insurance online

    If you already have YEL-insurance, transfer it to Veritas (pdf).
  •  Employer

    You are obliged to provide TyEL insurance if you continuously employ at least one employee aged between 17 and 67, whose monthly earnings are at least 58.27 euro. If you only hire occasionally, you are a temporary employer.

    Take out TyEL insurance online

    If you already have TyEL-insurance, transfer it to Veritas. 

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