TyEL contributions

TyEL insurance contributions are counted as a percentage of total salary. The Ministry of Social Affairs and Health enforces TyEL insurance payment percentages annually; in 2019 this percentage is on the average 24.4. This includes the employee’s payable portion of the TyEL contribution as well.

Employee pension payments

All 17-67 aged employees pay an employment pension insurance payment.

The payment is variable depending on age. In 2019 the payments are as follows:

  • under 53 years 6.75 % and
  • ages 53 to 62 years 8.25 %
  • age 63 and up 6.75 % employment pension as a percentage of salary.

Further information regarding pension payments is found in our brochure below.

Contracted employer TyEL payments

The basic TyEL contribution rate for contract employers is 25.2 % of wages paid to employees (2019). This includes the employee's portion of the contribution. The final amount of the insurance contribution may vary according to possible client bonus and the company’s contribution class when the total payroll exceeds 2.08 million Euros.