Pension from abroad

If you have lived or worked abroad, you may have accrued pension from there. Pension is accumulated according to the pension laws of each country separately.

If you live in Finland, you may apply for pension with the Finnish pension application form from:

  • all EU/ETA countries
  • Switzerland
  • countries with a social security agreement with Finland: Australia, Chile, Israel, Canada, Québec, China, Korea, India and the USA 

Simply attach a U-form to your pension application and all applicable documents from the country in question.

Once you have returned the Finnish pension application, you will receive another application form from the social security agreement country in question to complete. Only upon completing and returning the aforementioned documents necessary regarding overseas employment will your pension be activated by the social security agreement country.

Additionally, survivors' pension may be applied from overseas countries as well, if the deceased was an employee in that country. The Finnish pension application in this case requires an attachment containing all necessary information regarding the overseas employment or living by completing a U-attachment.

If the widow applying for survivors' pension has worked abroad him/herself or lived abroad, then they must also fill in their own U-attachment.

Please remember when applying for overseas pension to make sure you get in touch with that country’s official Pension Offices. Contact details for the above listed countries’ Pension Offices are provided by us. All countries do not necessary pay overseas pensions to Finland.

Applying for pension if you live abroad

If you live in an EU/ETA country or any other country that was listed above, then please inquire about receiving Finnish pensions from your country’s Pension Offices.

Finnish pensions are payable to overseas pensioners regardless of their nationality. Old-age pension, disability pension, and rehabilitation benefits are payable to any country. Unemployment pensions are only paid to EU/ETA countries.

Residents of foreign countries may use the Finnish pension application form and return this application directly to the Finnish Pension Offices. Please attach all necessary employment proof to the application.