Pension payments

We make pension payments and rehabilitation benefits once per month, always on the first day of the month when banks are open. Pension payments are never made on Saturdays or holidays.

If pensions are granted retrospectively, we will pay the first instalment as soon as possible upon receiving a confirmation of pension status. We will notify you of the first payment instalment by post.

Pensions will be paid to the account which you have notified us of in your application for pensions.

If your account number changes, please inform us of your new account number in writing. Log in to the online service for insured customers to send a notification of the new bank account number. The online service requires identification, i.e. you need to user your personal Finnish bank codes, a mobile certificate or a mobile card for logging in. You can also send your details to us by using the change of bank details form. Please remember to sign the form!

Earnings-related pensions can be paid from Finland abroad as well. The nationality of the recipient of pensions is insignificant.

Old-age pensions, disability pensions, and rehabilitation benefits can be paid to any country. 

Inform us of your bank account number and address

In order to make pension payments to a foreign account we require your bank account BIC code, your international IBAN account number, as well as your address.

We will make payments to the overseas account which you have provided us with from our Danske Bank account.

You may send us your details using the change of bank details form found at the bottom of this page. Please remember to sign the form and pay for postage from abroad.

Please inform us if your overseas address has changed. If we are unable to contact you by post, then you are putting your pension payments at risk.

Taxation of payments made to an overseas account

For a pensioner living abroad, the taxation depends among other things on the country of your nationality, as well as on whether you are living abroad temporarily or permanently.

For further details please see the Taxation Offices, or tel. +358 29 497 024.