Applying for pension

All types of pension must be applied for, they don't start automatically.

Every type of pension has its own corresponding application form. Contact us to find the documents appropriate for you or download them at

One application is sufficient for both private and public sector industry related earnings pensions, national pensions, and earnings pensions from abroad.

Pensions applications are managed by us if your last employment or entrepreneurship was insured by us. You may in this case send your application free of charge to:

Veritas Eläkevakuutus
Tunnus 5016380

When to apply for pensions

Old-age pension and partial old-age pension should be applied for approximately one month before retiring.

Disability pension is normally granted after disability benefits have fully been paid out. If the disability continues once you have been paid disability benefits for approximately 150 days, then KELA will contact you and provide instructions with regards to applying for disability pension. This type of pension should be applied for at the latest 3-4 months before your disability benefit ends.

Family pension should be applied for within half a year of the event of a deceased family member.

What attachments are required? 

An application for disability pension requires all B level doctor’s statements as attachments. If on the other hand you are applying for vocational rehabilitation, then a level B2 doctor’s statement is required as an attachment.

If you are applying for pension from abroad as well, please complete attachment U in addition to the application form.

Also complete the U-attachment if you are applying for widow pension and you have yourself lived or worked abroad.

Please find more information regarding this issue under applying for pension from abroad.